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Composite Decking Proper Care 101

Posted by on May 31, 2016

Composite Decking Proper Care 101

When it comes to taking care of and cleaning composite decking, especially when you just want to get rid of some dirt like dust or tiny little pieces of trash, then you can just actually sweep it away with the ones that have soft bristles. You need to use a broom or a brush that have soft bristles because even if the board are scratch free, you do not want to rub that in it just to prove that they are scratch free, since they are actually scratch free but you still need to take care of them, carelessness will get you nowhere.

Also, when you want to clean composite decking, like when you want to wash it, then you can just also use soap and a warm water to wash it off. Again, you do not need to rub hardly as you can when cleaning composite boards since that might damage the coating of the boards. Now when you are cleaning the boards with soap and warm water, then you can clean it one small space or area at a time for a better cleaning and efficiency in cleaning, so that you won’t have soap marks or stains left of on the boards.

Now when you accidentally stained your deck or someone has accidentally stained your composite boards through something, then you do not need to fret; remember, one of its advantages is that they are stain free, however it does not mean that you would just leave that stains there until it dries out or for a week or weeks, months until the time you decide you want to clean it, no, it is not like that. When there is stain on one of your composite boards then you want to remove them as soon as possible to prevent it from going inside the board or being absorbed by the board since even though if the boards are made from recycled materials, the coating of the boards are made from wood fibres which means that you still need to take care of them like you have the pure wooden boards for your deck.

Now another thing to remember when you are cleaning composite decking, you can opt not to use your hands or broom in cleaning it, in fact, you can actually also use a pressure washer when cleaning it, however you need to keep presence of mind when you are using it or when you choose to use it because due to the pressure of the washer, instead of aiming only to get rid of the dirt or concrete residues on the boards of your deck, then you might also removed the coating of the composite boards and also leave pressure marks on it. So when you opt to use a pressure washer when cleaning composite decking, it is a must that you should only use the one that has 2000 psi or pounds per square inch or is equivalent to 1.2 GSM or gallons per minute. And also when you opt to use a pressure washer, with the given pressure or allowed pressure, make sure that you also spray from the boards away from by about 10 inches or more.

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